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KitchenAll your kitchen friends.

Take fresh ideas, finest ingredients and the culinary pros at SEVERIN. The result? Large-scale menus and delicious snacks in no time.

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Cooling Your cool highlight.

Energy-efficient, decorative, large and spacious – that’s refrigerators and freezer combinations by SEVERIN in a nutshell. There’s space for everything, from frozen food to your favourite ice cream.

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Coffee & Breakfast

Coffee & Breakfast Your freshly brewed indulgence.

The bean creates the flavour. And the technique your good morning. SEVERIN has been synonymous with great-tasting coffee and tea for years.

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eBBQ & Funfood Your electronic BBQ.

Set up, switch on, get started. Whichever way you turn it, electric grills by SEVERIN reliably guarantee great flavour – in your kitchen or outside.

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SEVERIN — the company.

SEVERIN has been producing small electronic devices for more than 60 years with the goal of making your daily life as easy as possible. The company’s own benchmarks are based on a combination of German quality standards and ultra-easy handling. Our high-quality products bring pleasure to everyday life and make daily household tasks easier to manage.

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